Monday, June 02, 2014

Ubuntu 14.04 - How to install GenyMotion

Genymotion, is the next generation of the AndroVM open source project, it is  a fast, cross-platform Android emulator that comes with pre-configured Android in it. It’s so easy use and has lots more functionalities that normal android emulator doesn't.

To install Genymotion in Ubuntu 14.04
1. Sign up for Genymotion (
2. After sign in, download Genymotion (
3. You need Virtualbox to run Genymotion, so download Virtualbox from ( It might not have the package for Ubuntu 14.04 yet, just grab the one for 13.04.

Install Virtualbox
# cd into the directory where you put Virtualbox package, then do a
# dpkg -i virtualbox-4.3_4.3.12-93733~Ubuntu~raring_amd64.deb
Selecting previously unselected package virtualbox-4.3.
(Reading database ... 183261 files and directories currently installed.)
Preparing to unpack virtualbox-4.3_4.3.12-93733~Ubuntu~raring_amd64.deb ...
Unpacking virtualbox-4.3 (4.3.12-93733~Ubuntu~raring) ...
Setting up virtualbox-4.3 (4.3.12-93733~Ubuntu~raring) ...
Adding group `vboxusers' (GID 126) ...
Stopping VirtualBox kernel modules ...done.
Recompiling VirtualBox kernel modules ...done.
Starting VirtualBox kernel modules ...done.
Processing triggers for ureadahead (0.100.0-16) ...
ureadahead will be reprofiled on next reboot
Processing triggers for shared-mime-info (1.2-0ubuntu3) ...
Processing triggers for gnome-menus (3.10.1-0ubuntu2) ...
Processing triggers for desktop-file-utils (0.22-1ubuntu1) ...
Processing triggers for bamfdaemon (0.5.1+14.04.20140409-0ubuntu1) ...
Rebuilding /usr/share/applications/bamf-2.index...
Processing triggers for mime-support (3.54ubuntu1) ...
Processing triggers for hicolor-icon-theme (0.13-1) ..

Install Genymotion
Nevigate the genymotion from the terminal.
# chmod +x genymotion-1.1.0_x64.bin
# ./genymotion-1.1.0_x64.bin
After the process Genymotion it is ready to be used. to open it write below command. I installed in /opt/genymotion
# /opt/genymotion/genymotion

To install Genymotion plugin for elipse
Eclipse :
Android studio :

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