Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Zimbra 8.0.7_GA - How to configure External LDAP

First of all, before you start configuring external LDAP authentication mode in Zimbra, I recommned you to read "Zimbra LDAP Service" section in Zimbra admin guide. It will help you to understand how Zimbra LDAP service wroks and you will have a clear picture. The Admin guide can be download from here (http://www.zimbra.com/community/documentation.html).

To configure External LDAP in Zimbra:

1. Log into Zimbra's admin interface:

2. Go to "Set up Domain" -> "Configure Authentication":

3. Choose "External LDAP" and go to "Authentication Settings":

4. Go to "LDAP Bind", make sure "Use DN/Password to bind to external server:" is unchecked:

5. Go to "Authentication Config Summary" and test the authentication settings. You should be bale to connect to external LDAP  successfully. After click "Test" button you should see "Authentication test succeeded" message.

Or you can test from command line:
# su zimbra
# ldapsearch -h external-ldap-server -p 389 -x -b 'dc=yourdomain,dc=com'

Note: You need to add LDAP user into Zimbra before the user can successfully authenticate into Zimbra server.

For example, if you have a test account "test2" in your external LDAP server, you need to create a user with the same account id in Zimbra server before "test2" can log into Zimbra server.

Log into Zimbra as admin add user test2:
Go to "Manage" -> "Accounts":
Add new user "test2":

Make sure you configure the External Authentication:

Now you should be able to log in as "test2".

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