Sunday, December 28, 2014

mutt - Fix "sidebar_delim: unknown variable" Problem

OS: Mac OSX 10.10.1
mutt version: Mutt 1.5.23 (2014-03-12) brew-installed

So you installed mutt throw homebrew, with the sidebar patch, probably the following command:
$ brew install mutt --sidebar-patch

but when you start mutt, it gives your errors if you have sidebar_delim:
Error in /Users/txu/.muttrc, line 26: sidebar_delim: unknown variable
Error in /Users/txu/.muttrc, line 27: sidebar_visible: unknown variable
Error in /Users/txu/.muttrc, line 28: sidebar_width: unknown variable
Error in /Users/txu/.muttrc, line 29: sidebar_new: no such object

or if you don't have the above variables defined, you don't see a sidebar in mutt interface.

To fix the sidebar patch, you need to:
$ brew edit mutt
option "with-sidebar-patch", "Apply sidebar patch"

patch do
  url ""
end if build.with? "sidebar-patch"

Then $ brew uninstall mutt $ brew install mutt --with-sidebar-patch

Now start mutt again, you should see a sidebar.

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