Monday, August 15, 2016

Jenkins - Github Client Plugin Not Ignoring Excluded Users

The recent Jenkins "git client plugin" upgrade from "1.19.4" to "1.19.6" has caused Jenkins git polling start ignoring users listed in the excluded users list. For example, I have "jenkins" listed in "Polling ignores commits from certain users":
But the build job still checks out and build commit made by "jenkins" user. The change between two versions included a change to the default setting of "fast remote polling". Previous, "slow" was the default, and "slow" allows user exclusions and commit content exclusions. The new default is "fast", but does not allow user exclusions and commit content exclusions. You can either downgrade to the previous version, or you add a "Force polling using workspace" behaviour. Like below:
  This "Force polling using workspace" is the new way of describing what formerly called "fast remote polling". It compares the latest built commit SHA with the remote branch without cloning a local copy of the repo. Happy CI!

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