Wednesday, February 22, 2017

CentOS 7 - How to Install Groovy From Binary

This blog shows you how to install Groovy on your CentOS 7

Download the "Binary Release" from this website:

# wget

Extract the package:
# unzip

Move package to "/usr/local"
# mkdir /usr/local/groovy
# mv groovy-2.4.8 /usr/local/groovy
# cd /usr/local/groovy
# ln -s groovy-2.4.8 ./latest

Update bash profile:
# vim .bash_profile
# Add Groovy PATH
export GROOVY_HOME=/usr/local/groovy/latest
# . .bash_profile
# groovy
error: neither -e or filename provided
usage: groovy [options] [args]
  -a,--autosplit <splitPattern>    split lines using splitPattern (default '\s')
                                   using implicit 'split' variable

  -b,--basescript <class>          Base class name for scripts (must derive from

  -c,--encoding <charset>          specify the encoding of the files

  -classpath <path>                Specify where to find the class files - must
                                   be first argument

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