Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Artifactory - Required plugin(s) 'LDAP_SETTINGS' Are Not Avaiable on Instance

I am trying to configure LDAP on one of the Artifactory instance by using Mission Control Instance Script. The LDAP script I have is a modified version of ldap DSL from (https://www.jfrog.com/confluence/display/MC/Configuration+DSL#ConfigurationDSL-LDAPSettings):

ldap {
  settings('settings_name') {
    url 'ldap://myserver:myport/DC=sampledomain,DC=com' // mandatory
    userDnPattern 'uid={0},ou=People'
    emailAttribute 'mail'
    enabled true // default value - true
    autoCreateUser true // default value - true
    search {
      filter '(uid={0})'
      base 'OU=dev,DC=sampledomain,DC=com'
      searchSubTree true
      managerDn 'CN=admin,OU=ops,DC=sampledomain,DC=com'
      managerPassword 'password'

However, when I go to "Update Instance" -> "Apply Scripts" and I am getting: "Required plugin(s) 'LDAP_SETTINGS' are not avaiable on instance. I can manually confiure LDAP setting on the target instance, but can't do it through MC.

After some investigation, turns out that when adding a new instance in Mission Control, you need to manually upload plugins to the new instance:

  1. After adding a new Artifactory instance the user has to "upload extension".
  2. In the Instance Browser, select the instance you want to connect to.
  3. From the Actions menu, click Upload Extensions.

After following these steps check the etc/plugins directory and there would be "ldapSettingsConfig.groovy" plugin which will handle these scripts.

Now you should be able to apply the LDAP configuration script.

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