Sunday, October 01, 2017

ZImbra - Import Account from LDAP Server

Thanks Martin for providing an excellent example.

If you are migrating your Zimbra from an old server to new server, here is how you import all the account from LDAP server.

On old server as Zimbra user execute the following command and retrieve password which you need later.

zimbra@mail:~$ zmlocalconfig -s zimbra_ldap_password

Click Migration Wizard

Import from another Zimbra LDAP directory

Set same password for all new accounts. For SMTP Host set ip address on your old server

Bind password – include password which you retrieve above. For dc write name of your domain. For example linux-sys-adm.

Select account to import

Click search button

Click add all button.

Use admin user and password from your old server.

Click finish button

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